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I'm including an excerpt from The Cross and The Rainbow:

From page p 14,

Living in Florida we are blessed with rain most days, during the rainy season that is.  I love sitting inside watching the storm develop.  First the clouds, then the wind and finally the rain. The air has a unique smell, sweetness.  My Grandfather used to tell me, "there's rain coming, do you smell it?"  At first I shook my head, my little five-year-old brain thinking he was making that up, but later knew exactly the "smell" he was referring to.

I heard someone say one day, "I wish it would stop raining, I hate storms." I was surprised.  I thought everyone loved a storm.  From the lightning bolts flashing across the darkened sky, to the palm trees swaying, and finally the rain pelting the window pane.

Just as quickly as it brewed, it was over.  But was it really over?  I looked across the sky and say it.  The Rainbow...

Genesis 9:13 I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth...

                 The Cross and The Rainbow




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A new excerpt from The Shorter Version, page 204


My son thinks he wants to join the Army or the Navy. He's not aware that he won't be allowed to sleep in on Saturday.  He says he's tired of me nagging him about taking out the trash or picking up his clothes.  As he walks through the house you can tell where he's been. His shoes or boots and socks are usually in the family room. His coat is on a dining room chair. And he normally leaves a gun part or a knife on the kitchen counter, right beside the peanut butter jar.  His eating habits are strange too. It's not strange for him to eat a box of cereal, or a box of Pop Tarts in one day.  He usually sits in front of the TV with a gallon of milk and a box of cereal and a large mixing bowl.  His idea of a rough day is not shooting a deer, or catching a 50 pound fish.  When he comes home from work he likes to take a nap while I'm cooking dinner, and if he falls asleep he doesn't want us to turn off the TV because it will wake him.  He thinks military life would be a lot easier than home.  All he needs me to do is write down most of my recipes, just in case he doesn't like whatever they cook for him.

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This is the only book of poetry I've written.

I'm including an excerpt from Beside The Still Waters..... from page 10

Beside The Still Waters

Beside the Still Waters

He's waiting for me

With arms wide open

I'm longing to see.

The comfort and joy

Beside Him I'll be

When by the Still Waters

One day I'll see.



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