I watched the movie, "Bucket List" several years ago with keen interest. Had I been a teenager I'm not sure it would have held my interest. After all as a teen I thought I would live forever.

One of the items on my own "bucket list" was to be a published author.

I've been blessed to see four of my books in print.

However, the one I am the most proud of is the last one. By the "last one", I mean the last one in print, hopefully not the last one I will ever write.

The title, The Cross and The Rainbow,  is a book of short inspirational stories. Most of them based on life issues.

When we were in the final editing stages, I got the bright idea to change the name to the title of one of my favorite stories in the book. I prayed about it, and the Lord spoke directly to my heart. "Are you kidding my child, I named this book....it represents the old and the new covenant"....... Okay Lord, so The Cross and The Rainbow it is.

I'm so happy hearing the reviews so far. But actually, I can't really take credit for this book. Before I wrote each article I prayed, "Lord, who do you want to reach today, through me?"

That's how each of "them" came to life. All 388 pages........Thank you Lord for using me. I love you.




I continue to say a special "thank you" to those of you who read what I write and take the time to send comments to me. You keep me going. I love you.

Thanks for stopping by.



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